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Posted on 12.09.2017 by Joaquin Torres Baumgartner

A year and nine months ago we began a very important project at the company: creating a modern, robust, scientifically precise nutrition program to replace the current, difficult-to-use software.

It was important that this new program be easy to use and that it engage the user. There are already many nutritionists who are clamouring for something like this, and more and more food producers need to make professional nutrition calculations for the labels on their products.

When a software project of this magnitude is started, the time needed to reach the milestones never fits the plans, and above all, our impatient desires. What you think will take three months to do, is done in six, that of a week in a month, and days become like the small change of time and stop being counted. The team of engineers, completely immersed in the programming, feeds back the code created based on the plans and prototypes, perfecting the architecture, that is to say, the product develops further, but progress is also slowed. At that point an existential doubt arises: finish as quickly as possible or achieve excellence. If, in addition, resources are limited, choosing the second option carries with it more than one risk. Another difficult aspect is the need to report to customers why the project is being delayed, converting the situation into a genuine headache.

In the end, we have taken the difficult road, the most demanding one and the one with the most risk from both a personal and a business point of view. However, it is also the one that makes the difference between companies that struggle to innovate and those who follow in their wake.

Thank you for your patience. Soon you will have, at last, the new version of the software.

You can get a foretaste from the following video.

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