Perform flexibly

Patient Information

The Nutritionist manages the system allowing to
register new patients through the Internet...


With the powerful Diet-Creator Software you will have file cards to organize all your patients easily with personal data, health care, next appointment...


In "My profile" Your patients can contribute to edit information, add photo, change language and change password.

Body measurement tracking

With anthropometric and bioimpedance measurements


  • Anthropometry

    Follow your patients evolution and handle their profiles easily. You can add anthropometric data with Bioelectrical Impedance as well as other measurements. Diet-Creator Software makes all calculations and will put different options to determine the ideal weight for each patient, daily energy requirement, and other information.

  • Diet-Creator lets dietitians recommend, measure and evaluate physical activities. Dietitians will have the most complete compendium of activities, with Mets and metabolic equivalents calculated using indirect calorimetry.

  • Dietitians will have a overall view in detail with information and Measurements arranged by percentages and different units like lb, kg, MET...


Your patients will be able to participate in their nutrition or dietary treatment with Diet-Creator App in "My Evolution", with charts and explanations for each question. Patients will send their weight, body-fat percentage to Dietitians through the App. This way Dietitians will have updated anthropometric data and the option to edit or delate them.

Health Questionnaires

Editable and customized to each patient


Clinical interviews are the best way to know your patients and patient monitoring. With Diet-Creator you will have the best and powerful software tool, it will let you create new questions and questionnaires.


Patients will answer your questions throughout a smartphone using Diet-Creator App, saving time on medical consultation.


Allows to discuss the evolution of diet, using topics and messages


Diet-Creator software let either dietitian or patient make instant thematic messages without mixing subject matter. This way dietitian and patients will easily find questions and answers, creating better health records. Your patients and you will have as many time you need to think and answer any question without pressure!


Diet-Creator Software lets you keep in touch with your patients throughout thematic messages. A new way to involve patients with their nutrition treatment.


To be informed at all


Notifications let you be in touch with your patients when they use Diet-Creator App without ever losing sight of the gastronomic aspect. Diet-Creator Software informs nutritionist about any kind of action patients make on the App. Notifications are bi-directional, from nutritionist to patient and vice versa, making a fluently treatment.


Diet-Creator App have a Notifications area for both patients and nutritionist, also sends important notifications by e-mail.


Assisting you with our team

Nutritionist and Patient

Count with a support team to help you with any question.