All the tools you need

to do the most complex nutrition tasks in a few steps

Food compatibility

The program learns what is good for your clients

See all the alerts that are created when the interaction of your client with the foods or medicines is not suitable or is dangerous. Other alerts guarantee the suitability of what you are recommending to them, and others their preferences.

In your client's smartphone

Integration with calendars

Simple integration with your client smartphone’s calendar app, without installing additional programs


Good communication with your client reduces the number dropping out of treatment by up to 30%

Client application

Your clients can access their dietary programs using their phone or a laptop or desktop computer. They will always have access to their programs with a simple click on a link.


Track relevant parameters in time, both physical and health-related. In future phases of software development we will enable the integration with smart devices that enable data collection in real time, as well as with smart scales.

With the food composition tables of your country or geographical area