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Take care of your patients with the revolutionary Diet Creator App with the best charts.

Personalize your diets efficiently

With customized menus for your patients.

Create Menus and Recipes

With the best nutritional information and food attributes, you can talk about each meal with you patients.

Sports section

Organize physical activities and nutrition programs for your patients. Nutrition and sports programs.

Communication with your patients

Messages and notification system. Editable health questionnaires...

Diet Creator for Restaurants

Nutritional information on your menu for each meal with our Nutritional App.

Key features


With Diet Creator you can:

Create diets for your patients and program online personalized menus.

Use the editable database with complete nutritional information for more than 1,000 traditional ingredients and 300 biological ingredients.

Create your own ingredients.

Create and edit unlimited recipe and menu combinations, manage and print them easily with PDF recipes and menus.

Have access to more than 700 menus and 900 recipes in the Diet Creator Database

Access instant information and nutritional calculation for each intake and diet - Nutritional Information Charts.

View food classification by properties.

View recommended dietary allowance according to FAO.

View meals classified by similarity and more than 300 alternative suggestions.

View templates of diets classified by pathologies.

Create classified templates for each diet.


Take care of your patients with the most advanced web app.

Manage a complete patient file.

Complete personalized health questionnaires for periodical controls.

Compatible with body composition scales and biological impedance.

Anthropometric measurements. Dynamical graphics and charts for patient progress, BMI (body mass index), Kcal requirement, basal metabolic rate, fat percentage, retained water...

Personal and online consultation: online patient check ups with the aid of smartphones.

Automatic messages, notifications and e-mails between patient and nutritionist.

Complete program for file cards, evolution record and diet prices.


Exercise and Diet Planner.

Athlete profile and more than 1200 specific activities with RMR (resting metabolic rate) measured on METs.

Metabolic rate and exercise length energetic calculator.

Add or edit athletic activities for all your patients.



Online Software for any computer and web browser.

Web App for your patients.

Instant graphs and statistics.

Nutritional information by nutrient families.

Original Tag system to provide diet attributes.

Instantant cross-reference search for: ingredients, drinks, recipes and meals according to their properties. Customers, messages and many more.

Add and edit ingredients, recipes and menus with pictures.


Built with modern and advanced technologies.

Front-End built using AngularJS.

NodeJS used for REST API.

Patient Web App with responsive interface can be used on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computer).

All updates included

Back up copy every day.

Online support.